a never ending list, for a never ending love.

As I link up again today with all the amazing happy wives, over at the Happy Wives Club, I can't help to be thankful for this "club"... as we have started these lists, I can totally relate to Fawn's post today... it has helped me, giddily, take notice of all the amazing things my husband does on a daily basis to love me.  He loves me so well, its only fair that I brag on him!  He is an amazing best friend and an even more amazing husband! So here goes... the never ending list, of what the gorgeous man who has every piece of my heart. The continuation of last weeks list:

30) he buys me oreo milkshakes from chick-fil-a, even when i tell him i'm not hungry.

31) he 'gets' my dreams, and makes them his own

32) he's as excited about starting a family as i am... see #31

33) he doesn't act annoyed or bothered for one second when he has dinner on the table and i'm 30 minutes late coming home from work. in fact, he's happy to see me even more!

34) he has taken our 'old' car as his own... letting me drive the new one, seat warmers and all.

35) he brings me home surprises, even though we aren't suppose to be spending money, he spoils me.

36) the way he loves and takes care of our nieces and nephews.  I love watching how much he loves them.  It makes me so excited to see him with our own kids!

37) the way he calls me and/or texts me... just like he did when we were dating :) My heart still flutters when I see a text message from him ♥

38) his touch. still drives me crazy.

39) his love for our family. my side or his. it doesn't matter.

40) he fills each day with precious memories that i never want to forget! he makes every day my favorite! 

Why I Love My Husband


  1. Oreo milshakes...yum! And the way he takes care of your nieces and nephews is such a great window into how he will be as a father. Exciting times. Can't wait to read your blog post the day you announce your joint "production." :) Thanks for linking up! Loving seeing your list grow each week. Looking forward to seeing the list continue next week. See you then!

    1. they really are the best Fawn ;)
      I can't wait either!! Hopefully this year, that's our goal anyway...but we know God has his own timing and it's always the best! See you next week ♥

  2. It's a beautiful list - and someday your children, and grandchildren's grandchildren will share in the legacy you're building now. And they'll know how much you admired and appreciated your husband. That's a wonderful legacy to leave...

    1. Aw, Lori, you just made me tear up a little! That is exactly our dream... to leave a legacy like our amazing families have left us!...a legacy of love ♥ Have a great day!