a legacy of love

When we were back in Missouri visiting my parents, I took the opportunity to grab some of my "treasures" that my parents had been so generously storing for me.  This was the first time we had been able to DRIVE 'home' in the past 9 years... when living in California, let's be real, I was flying back and forth.  Since we now live an easy 12 hours away, we decided to drive.
Let me preface this with the possibly unknown fact that I LOVE old things.... LOVE.  I am innately an old soul.  It brings me comfort being surrounded by things that have a history, that tell a story; it reminds me what we are truly here for.  That love increases when these things are my legacy!
I won't bore you with the list of everything, but among the treasured possessions I was able to bring back was my grandfather's cedar chest.  My Grandfather Stratton passed away about 7 years before I was born so any of his possessions are of extreme value to me.  It is my life line to 'knowing' him.  However, I do have to note that what he left behind for his family greatly surpasses any earthly possession.  He left a legacy of love, family, a love for fishing (& eating fish!), a heart for animals, and gave me one of the greatest men I will ever know in my life- my Daddy.  Grandfather Stratton definitely left behind something that will far surpass all of our lives.  I remain eternally grateful.
My family line is filled with many 'greats'.  I also introduced into our home a set of 'tea glasses' that were originally my my Great Grandma McClanahan's (she and Great Grandpa Mac are where my lovely Irish temper originates).  All I know of Grandma and Grandpa Mac are amazing heartwarming stories.  I have set aside two of these glasses to keep, the other two we will be using and will be a gentle reminder of my roots.  About 10-15 years ago, my Granny also gave me one of my Great Grandma Mac's aprons and her potato masher.  These items are beyond priceless.  I also have the pleasure of looking after a few of my Great Grandma Rice's possessions, my name sake, Lovie Ann.  All of these to some I'm sure seem like meaningless glasses and bowls, etc, but to me they are gifts that contain a lot of love and a whole lot of history.  I had such a great time looking through it all this morning and putting them all in a special place where I get to see them everyday! In example, as I use my vintage pyrex mixing bowls (replicas of the ones my Granny had), I will remember the sacrifices my Granny and Papaw made daily to provide food for my mom and her siblings, a continued legacy of love and hard work.
We keep all of our family members of years past in our hearts, I realize this, but these treasures representing my God given legacy are a daily reminder that I was loved long before I was born.  I pray that I can leave my grandchildren and great grandchildren such a legacy.  ♥

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