a few fun facts.

This blog is a lot about me and my husband ... And OUR journey... But here's a fun link up from iworeyogapants with some facts just about lil' 'ol me...

-i grew up on a hundred acre farm in the middle of nowhere MO & pretty much miss it everyday.

-i love country/farm life. working outside, feeding cows, tacking horses...to me that isn't work. It's life.

-I'm a sucker for anything on abc family. 

-im the youngest by 8 years, & it has made me who I am today. Spoiled, independent, strong willed yet easy going.

-I eat butter on my poptarts.

-i felt connected to my husband the first time I met him. I had no idea life would get us here... But I knew he was an important piece of it.

-i once had so many dogs and cats I couldn't even count them all. Then came city living.

-I don't read books, I collect them. There's just something about the rows and rows of books that make me happy.

-I get excited with each new season and swear its my favorite ever... Until the next one rolls around

-together, my husband and I have 10 nieces and nephews. I love being an auntie!!

-my husband and I have the same color of eyes. They change color often, but are always the same.

-I have a slight obsession with classic Novas.

-I grew up fishing and gigging & itch to go on a warm spring day or a cool winter night.

-I'm quite possibly the biggest home body you'll ever meet. I'd rather stay in alone with my husband and do nothing than anything else. Social People drain me.

-I have naturally curly hair. Somedays I embrace it. Somedays I loath it.

-leggings and uggs are my staple.

-I lost one of my best friends when I was 17 in a car accident. It changed my world forever. Somedays I miss the girl I used to be.

-I've lived in 6 states in the past 10 years. I never forgot where I came from, I was just chasin' dreams.

-I wanna be a Mom when I grow up.

-I have skeletons.  We all do, but thankful that my husband loves me because of them and in spite of them.

-I'm a daughter of the King.

-I married my best friend. Seriously. He was my best friend even before we were together.

-srriacha, ketchup, or ranch dressing. One of them is eaten with every meal.


  1. Wow, I have never heard of putting butter on poptarts! I love poptarts...and I love butter...I may have to try this!


    1. it's pretty yummy! although it completely grosses my husband out, so beware ;) I try to avoid eating poptarts around him just to help him out a bit haha