a never ending list, for a never ending love.

As I link up again today with all the amazing happy wives, over at the Happy Wives Club, I can't help to be thankful for this "club"... as we have started these lists, I can totally relate to Fawn's post today... it has helped me, giddily, take notice of all the amazing things my husband does on a daily basis to love me.  He loves me so well, its only fair that I brag on him!  He is an amazing best friend and an even more amazing husband! So here goes... the never ending list, of what the gorgeous man who has every piece of my heart. The continuation of last weeks list:

30) he buys me oreo milkshakes from chick-fil-a, even when i tell him i'm not hungry.

31) he 'gets' my dreams, and makes them his own

32) he's as excited about starting a family as i am... see #31

33) he doesn't act annoyed or bothered for one second when he has dinner on the table and i'm 30 minutes late coming home from work. in fact, he's happy to see me even more!

34) he has taken our 'old' car as his own... letting me drive the new one, seat warmers and all.

35) he brings me home surprises, even though we aren't suppose to be spending money, he spoils me.

36) the way he loves and takes care of our nieces and nephews.  I love watching how much he loves them.  It makes me so excited to see him with our own kids!

37) the way he calls me and/or texts me... just like he did when we were dating :) My heart still flutters when I see a text message from him ♥

38) his touch. still drives me crazy.

39) his love for our family. my side or his. it doesn't matter.

40) he fills each day with precious memories that i never want to forget! he makes every day my favorite! 

Why I Love My Husband


The Fight worth Fighting

I'm linking up with To Love, Honor and Vacuum today... as she talks about Marriage (yes, one of my favorite subjects!).  Sheila's topic today is to Seek Peace, not the absence of conflict, one that I'm in total agreement with.  There are so many amazing blogs and link ups out there, that gosh, I could link up about 5 times a day in support of these fabulous ladies, but for you (my reader's) sake, I've decided to pick and choose ;)  This is one that I just couldn't help but want to link up in support of Sheila's content because... well, it's just so me, my husband, and our marriage! Granted, we are a bit more stubborn and passionate than most, but it works for us and at the end of the day, we are in love... the ewie, gooie kind; the kiss each other goodnight, EVERY night kind; the kind I dreamed of as a little girl.

Have you ever met a couple that says they never fight and always get along. Ha! Yeah, that's usually my inside response.  Either that, or I'm thinking, gosh, you probablyyy don't want to be friends with us, haha.  Let me back up and preface this with the fact that my husband and I are about an equal match in the passion department... no, I'm not referring to the hubba-hubba passion, got that covered too.... but I'm talking about when people use "passionate" instead of stubborn, hard headed, pig headed, hard to handle, strong willed, my way or the highway, use of passionate.  We neither one, to our knowledge have a drop of Italian ancestry, but you wouldn't be able to tell it if you over heard one of our arguments. But behind that "passion" lies the other kind... the hubba-hubba kind. The kind of passion in that we love one another so deeply and so incredibly that it drives us a little insane sometimes ;)

To the rest of the world, we are quiet, easy going, laid back people.  Let one of us tick the other one off, or heaven forbid hurt the other's feelings, and all bets are off.  You'll hear screaming and crying, and then, minutes later we are done. The conflict has passed, we've screamed, yelled, and sorted it out.  And I can guarantee you that we rarely address the same subject twice.  We get it all out and it's done. To most this seems unhealthy, but for us, it works. We can look back, learn, laugh, and appreciate one another's "passionate" side.  I cannot remember a time that we have gone to bed angry, or left something unsettled.  We generally know where the other stands. There's no reading between the lines.  Our relationship, even the bad, is filled with complete honesty.  We tend to laugh at the fact that we both love one another so much, yet know just the right buttons to push.  I also like to remember that we fight for what we love the most.

As Sheila mentions in her post, I believe many wives couple submission with having no opinion, or no voice. This couldn't be further from what God has intended in our marriages.
"If we decide that our role, as wives, is to state our position but then say absolutely nothing ever again so that God can convict our husbands, then are we seeking peace? Are we attempting to become of one mind? Are we united in thought and purpose?"
You can look back to my post here, a few weeks ago, in reference to my view of the role we wives play, and God's call to us to submit to our husbands and to him.   

Do I believe that God wants all marriages to be just like mine? No way! We are in no way perfect, but I can tell you that for this season of life, we have found what works for us.  I encourage you to speak your mind in love.  If your husband hurts your feelings, let him know.  If you would've preferred something be handled differently, let him know. He isn't a mind reader, how will he ever know if you don't tell him? All of this should, of course, be done in love.  I often times have to remind myself of this... to speak in love.  Even when we are yelling, and having it out like a couple of Italians, we are careful to guard our words. This isn't for everyone.  "Fighting" looks different to everyone.  But again, we must fight for what we love the most, each other.  It's also very important to remember, that at the end of the day we are on the same team.  As husband and wife, its you against the world, no one else. It isn't you, husband, and your mom, or you, your husband, and your best friend.  It's you and him, with a lot of help from our gracious loving God, who after all, modeled marriage as a reflection of His relationship with us.  He understands. He wants our marriages to be open, honest, loving, and healthy.  I totally understand that 'healthy' looks so different to everyone. So I encourage you to "fight" for your marriages, and find your comfortable healthy.   
Now go love on your hubba-hubba, husband ♥ & join me tomorrow as we add to our never ending lists of why we love our husbands at the Happy Wives Club! 


Sunday Social {Link Up}

Good Morning! Typical blogging morning here; I've got my coffee by my side, sunshine coming through the window, and my lilly-pup by my feet.  How can I not be thankful this morning.  I'm not quite sure where this weekend has gone... yes, I know I have the full day today, but we are both working a bit again today.  This never happens on the weekends, so it has been a bit draining for us both! The home show seemed to be a huge success and a lot of fun so far this weekend.  Today is the last day... so you all in the Springs... come see us! ♥
Leaving you with the Sunday Social Link up, I did last week as well ♥ Happy Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday Social

1. What is your ideal way to relax?
Laying in bed watching TV with my husband and our zoo.

2. Where is your favorite place to be?
I'm gonna have to say my house. There's just something about being home. As far as away form home, I'd have to say my parent's house or my sister's... the lodges are SO relaxing!

3. Who do you consider your biggest role model?
My parents. 

4. What does your life look like in 3 years?
us. kids. animals. HAPPINESS.

5. If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
aye, aye, aye.  i believe even if different decisions were made, i'd still be here.  i truly believe i am where God intended.  i'm sure he intended a less, eventful route, but i'm here. but one would definitely be, turning down that volleyball scholarship  to play in college...i was so burnt out, but now i miss playing, a lot! 

6. What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
Graduating College.  & having the strength to live the life i wanted to live.



Wow, so last weekend, I was able to enjoy a laid back, peaceful weekend... flash-forward to this weekend!... Today, work- craziness  preparing for homeshow, new franchise prospect visiting, and just the day to day business of work.  After work, we will be swinging by happy hour with my coworkers to say good bye to Lauren...then head downtown to celebrate our wonderful Autumn Carton's birthday... whew, I'm tired already ;)  This weekend is also filled with homeshow fun for me...then it's back to work in the office on Monday.  Wait, TGIF? haha.  Someone get me a Rockstar Punch, ASAP!
Thanking God for this day, and in the midst of all of the hustle and bustle  He is there.  He has blessed us with amazing jobs, amazing coworkers, and amazing friends.  Without any of those, this weekend would be just another boring weekend.  I'm praying for rest in Him, for my husband and I today... after all, we hit the floor running at 4:30 these days...so we are depending on Him to rejuvenate us.

In other news, we are looking forward to having Rob's mom, Kathy, (aka, my super sweet mother in law) visit this week.  She flies in on Sunday night and will be here for a little over a week...if our messy house doesn't scare her away (see paragraphs above...our whole week has been like this!).  We always enjoy her visits and are always sad to see her go!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! ♥ Enjoy it... even the craziness!


Link Up Thursday...Why I love my Husband, the never ending list

Good Morning Happy Wives (& other readers too of course)! Thursday mornings really are becoming my favorite... because I get to "link up" with a ton of happy other wives as we brag and love on our amazing husbands! ... Yes there is actually a Happy Wives Club! Check out my past two link up's here and here.  I love doing this, a) because I love my husband and our marriage and talking about it brings me joy! & b) it makes me intentionally take note of every thing my hunka-husband does to love me...the big things and the little.

Why I Love My Husband

 So here goes, the never ending list....

21) he prays.  he's a man of prayer, for us, for me, and for our marriage.

22) he rubs my back. some days without asking, some days i ask...but no matter what he does it without hesitation.  i can't say i do the same.

23) he loves well.  i couldn't even tell you what my main love language is these days...because he hits them all!!

24) he watches the bachelor with me.  without complaining. we sit and laugh, make fun of the crazies, and root for the semi-normal ladies to find true love. its a silly show, and it provides us both a lot of entertainment.  but come on, how many husbands would do this without complaining ;)
25) he still dates me...a lotta years later, he still takes me out to dinner and to the movies... or we even have "date nights" in.

26) he chooses me.  day after day he chooses me; he chooses Us!

27) he laughs at me.  some days you just need that!

28) he still gives me butterflies.

29) & this.....

....he let's me hog the bed without complaint ♥

Happy Thursday Everyone... go love on your hubbies ♥


Morning Blogging Reflections & Newlywed fun ♥

I personally can't believe that my morning time before work has become one of my favorite times of the day... only trumped by my evenings with the hubby.  Its so nice to wake up early, in the quiet, with my coffee and my computer... and reflect and think as the sun literally comes up.  Many of you probably don't know me well enough to know I am NOT a morning person... and by that I mean, my husband knows to bring me peace offerings of coffee in the mornings to avoid the grump monster.  There's a good chance that if you try to talk to me before 9am, you will get the stink eye.  So, this new love of mornings is throwing me for a loop.  Could it be the changes at work? Could it be I'm getting older... gasp, let's stick with changes at work... I'm sure I'll blog more about that in the future.

One of the fun new blogs I follow, Today Was A Fairlytale, started a new link up today for newlyweds...the Newlywed Blog hop.  Now, granted, we have been married over 2 years now...but you SUPER newlyweds will see, the sparkle doesn't die...in fact, it gets better! Plus, anyone that's married longer than you always still considers you newlyweds, that and not having kids yet has still put us in the newlywed category.  Not to mention that any chance I get to talk about my husband and our marriage... I'm on it!

Favorite things about being a Newlywed

I love being "Mrs. Tisthammer" & signing Carrie Tisthammer.  Granted, it took some practice; its a long name, there's not much of a signature containing all letters of my name option.

I love having my best friend around all the time.  He's truly my other half.  I miss him even on the occasional guys/girls night! Some might say that's unhealthy; I say its amazing... we enjoy every second together!

It is amazing to me how you can love someone so much and be so irritated with them at the same time! I don't know how many times I find myself saying I need space, but then when he scoots over my immediate reaction is, "where are you going???"

Learning new things about one another, constantly.  My husband and I knew each other for 6 years before we were married... and even after knowing him for almost 9 now... I still learn more and more.  Its amazing. He never ceases to amaze me!

Even after 2 years, I get a little giddy inside when he introduces me as "his wife".  I hope that never goes away!

I get excited to see him everyday after work.  You know that feeling that you use to get before going on dates with your new McDreamy... well, I get that everytime I get to see my MrForever-McSteamy at the end of every day! And this too, I hope Never Ever goes away!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. – Rita Rudner


a few fun facts.

This blog is a lot about me and my husband ... And OUR journey... But here's a fun link up from iworeyogapants with some facts just about lil' 'ol me...

-i grew up on a hundred acre farm in the middle of nowhere MO & pretty much miss it everyday.

-i love country/farm life. working outside, feeding cows, tacking horses...to me that isn't work. It's life.

-I'm a sucker for anything on abc family. 

-im the youngest by 8 years, & it has made me who I am today. Spoiled, independent, strong willed yet easy going.

-I eat butter on my poptarts.

-i felt connected to my husband the first time I met him. I had no idea life would get us here... But I knew he was an important piece of it.

-i once had so many dogs and cats I couldn't even count them all. Then came city living.

-I don't read books, I collect them. There's just something about the rows and rows of books that make me happy.

-I get excited with each new season and swear its my favorite ever... Until the next one rolls around

-together, my husband and I have 10 nieces and nephews. I love being an auntie!!

-my husband and I have the same color of eyes. They change color often, but are always the same.

-I have a slight obsession with classic Novas.

-I grew up fishing and gigging & itch to go on a warm spring day or a cool winter night.

-I'm quite possibly the biggest home body you'll ever meet. I'd rather stay in alone with my husband and do nothing than anything else. Social People drain me.

-I have naturally curly hair. Somedays I embrace it. Somedays I loath it.

-leggings and uggs are my staple.

-I lost one of my best friends when I was 17 in a car accident. It changed my world forever. Somedays I miss the girl I used to be.

-I've lived in 6 states in the past 10 years. I never forgot where I came from, I was just chasin' dreams.

-I wanna be a Mom when I grow up.

-I have skeletons.  We all do, but thankful that my husband loves me because of them and in spite of them.

-I'm a daughter of the King.

-I married my best friend. Seriously. He was my best friend even before we were together.

-srriacha, ketchup, or ranch dressing. One of them is eaten with every meal.


Sunday Goodness

Wow, what a week.  I can honestly say its had its super lows as well as it's highs.  As Monday rolled around I was remaining thankful, staying positive, ready for the week here... then like any other day, Tuesday came, 4:14 came early just like it always does as Rob's alarm went off... he got ready and left for work. I rolled over, went back to sleep and my phone rang. at 5am. my mom. never a good thing considering my mom and i share the disgust and loathing for early mornings.  honestly, i hesitated on answering. i was scared to hear what i knew i was going to hear.  my granny was gone. i knew it. so, it was no surprise when i heard the words come out of my mother's mouth, her mom was gone. as i laid there trying to console my own mom on loosing her mom, what do you say. if it was me, and i had lost her, there would be no consoling.  tuesday was one of those days you don't let yourself cry for too long, or you just might loose it permanently for the day. so i got up, made some coffee, and got ready for work...determined to make it through the day. & i did. 
Wednesday came with sunshine and a sense of life and purpose.  Its always amazing to me what a new day can bring.  Sure there was still lingering sadness  there always will be.  I lost both of my last living grandparents within 8 months of each other;  that does a number on your heart. But, with a new day comes new opportunities and new life, and for that, how can you not be thankful.  The rest of the week was a bit of a blur to be quite honest.  My heart, my mind, my emotions, all of be besides this physical body were in Missouri, with my family.
Friday brought joy, as we watched our favorite teeny-tinies, and enjoyed them with laughter and fun.  Saturday, I was able to sleep in and Rob took me out on an afternoon date to see The Hobbit... finally! Such an amazing movie by the way, a must see! Then we had our other Tisthammer halves over, and their teenies, for dinner and just good fellowship and hanging out; always good for the soul.

I look to this week with expectation. Expectation of normalcy and relaxation.  Lilly has already had her bath for the week, the dishes are done, and I'm sitting here, in the sunshine, sharing my thoughts with you all with coffee by my side...it's already shaping up to be a good day ♥

I leave you with a fun link up I came across, after following another super cute blog here, that I found from the Thursday link up I do... Super Fun, Sunday Social!  Have a Great Week Everyone!!! ♥ Give those you love an extra hug today ♥

Sunday Social
1. Top 3 favorite kinds of food
Sushi, Wings, Chinese Food

2. First 3 things you do in the morning
I hit the snooze button more than three times... so really that's 3. But, stagger to the coffee pot, take Lilly out and feed her and the cats.

3. Last 3 things you do at night
Go to the bathroom, kiss my husband goodnight, & well, you know (parental discretion is advised). 

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss
Revenge, Castle, Army Wives

5. 3 places you want to visit
Italy, Ireland, Norway

6. 3 people you can always count on
Rob, My Mom & My Dad 


more husband love... link up Thursday ♥

Last week I joined "link up Thursday" with tons of other happy wives, here! & I have to say, I couldn't wait for Thursday to roll around again! I am blessed with an amazing man and a very loving and fun marriage, so any excuse to talk about it and brag about my husband...I'm on it! ♥

12) this! & that alone is probably enough explanation for most married ladies.  this is him, not just on our wedding day, but every day. always reaching for my hand or kissing my forehead.

13) he shares my dreams.

14) he has to be at work 3 hours before i do but he tries his absolute hardest not to wake me up, although he never forgets to come kiss me and tell me goodbye and that he loves me every morning.

15) he ends every phone call with "i love you"

16) he's my rock.  my world was shaken a bit this week with the passing of my Granny.  he loved me through it.

17) he is usually home before i am in the evenings and always greets me with a hug and usually a yummy dinner! that man can cook!

18) he hates coffee.  its my oxygen, so he has learned how to make it the way i like it.

19) he brings me home a bouquet of buds because he knows i love watching them bloom!

20) his attraction to me makes me feel like i am the most beautiful person on this planet!

Really, I have been blessed with the most wonderful man! He's a great combination of goofball, nerd, hubba-hubba hunk, & of course man of God.  He is my perfect ♥

"i have found the one my soul loves." 
song of solomon 3:4

Why I Love My Husband


love and respect

I couldn't have said it better! The amazing blog, Time-Warp Wife couldn't have put into words any better, the way I feel about our call as wives to submit in respect to our husbands and to God! The following is an exert from "to honor you as the head of our home":
It may seem foolish to many when I submit to my husband, but the foolishness of God is wiser than ours.
Are we second class? Absolutely not, and no, every argument isn't our fault. But there will be times when we communicate in every way possible, and our husbands still don't see things the way that we do.
That's when we can honor God by stepping back in humility and letting our husbands take the lead.  
Today's Vow: To honor you as the head of our home
The Challenge: While you honor your husband as the head of your home, seek ways to encourage him in his role as a leader.
 I can say with much honor and pride, that I have had this modeled for me in my life by my parents as well as my Grandparents.  While, we haven't yet faced a decision where we haven't been able to see eye to eye, I do feel it is our call as wives to submit to our husbands.  As this blog so eloquently states, it isn't something that we should be forced to do, it is a choice we make as wives, in obedience to God.  God calls us as wives, clearly in scripture to submit and honor our husbands in love. Submission is something that God not only called wives to do in the Old Testimate under the law, but also in the New Testimate after Jesus abolished the law with his blood and sacrifice. 

I personally feel our culture has turned submission into something bad, into something that means that the husband should be "the boss" or the dictator.  This isn't the case.  "when we submit to our husbands we are reflecting the relationship between the Jesus Christ and His bride (the church). That relationship is formed by accepting the wisdom of God and Jesus Christ as our King." 

I'm not claiming to have perfected this, but I do find it quite important and strive to do all I can to follow what Christ has called me to as a wife. I feel submission, even in the small things, is the first step to showing respect to our husbands, encouraging them, and loving them. ♥ 

There are just so many amazing Christian women out there who share their heart through blogging... for them, I give thanks!!! ♥ Also check out this blog!
One of my favorite quotes from this particular entry in reference to a proverbs 31 wife, "Because of what she did inside the home, she was a reflection of her husband outside their home…….and that reflection brought him respect."
A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:10-12



Today was rough to say the least. There have been only a handful of days in my life that I just had to grit my teeth, bare it, and get through it. Today was one of those. But, there's always something to be thankful for, & I don't want to forget them.

• quiet strength.
• the quiet whisper of my tender loving God; when you hear it there is no mistaking
• family. I believe I have been blessed with the best.
• the love of a mother. the love of a daughter. the love of a sister. the love of a granddaughter. unmeasurable.
• my work. it provided me with the chance to get lost in laughter that helped me get through this day. not sure what I would've done without it today.
• how you can feel a void of a loss, even when it's miles away. a painful void but a souvenir of great love.
• my husband. he always knows just what I need. ❤

legacy of love, continued

This morning I have so many mixed emotions; they are pretty raw.  A couple of hours ago, my sweet Granny's prayers were answered; she joined my Papaw in paradise.  Although, my heart selfishly is broken, I can't help but rejoice for them, as they were reunited this morning.  Granny has prayed, for as long as I can remember, that God would take them together at the same time.  So, its no surprise that when this didn't happen, she has been ready to go "home" since May; 8 months later, she joined Pap this morning.

I don't know much of their journey or their love story in the beginning, but I do know what they showed us over my 30 years as well as what they have left us.  I never saw my Granny upset with my Papaw, or vice-versa.  They always showed each other respect and love.  August 2012 marked 65 years of marriage. They were always together, truly bestfriends. The example they set for us all of a Christ centered marriage and family continues to bless my own marriage today. A lot that I know of life is thanks to my Papaw and Granny... After all, they raised my amazing mother. They enjoyed life, worked hard, and loved greater. And at the end of the day, that's the good life. My Granny loved God, My Papaw, and our family with her whole heart. She lived and loved to the fullest!

Granny was such a classy lady, but that didn't stop her from putting on her barn boots and headin' out to help my Pap with the farm. She taught me that you could be both... A lady & a tomboy; that it was ok to get dirty and work hard and then wear jewelry and heels.

As a kid, I would bring her everything from rocks with fossils to bottle caps to who knows what other junky treasure I'd find... She always kept them all, right on her window ledge above her kitchen sink. She had a way of making me feel so very special. ❤

a few things i don't want to ever forget:
• i have her hands
• i have her spunk
• she is a big reason i love animals so much. she taught me how to take care of litters of animals, even at a young age.
• sweet tea
RINGS! and jewelry in general
• sitting and rocking with her in her chair
• Young and the Restless
• Beans and Mac n Cheese
• painting her nails.
• playing piano by ear
• the blue car with the soft blue seats, sitting between her and Papaw
• Easter.
• pumpkin pie
• the perfect combination of country and lady!
• the way she called my dad, "Stratton"
• the endless fun smelly soaps in her bathroom, as well as the fancy mirror and perfumes.
•all of her shoes!!!

 I'm sure I'll be adding to this list over the next few days as memories flood... so thankful for good memories.  And unbelievably thankful that God blessed me with such amazing Grandparents for 30+ years!...not very many are so lucky! What an amazing legacy they have left ♥


Morning Reflections. over Coffee.

"Life was about spending time together, about having the time to walk together holding hands, talking quietly as the sun goes down. It wasn't glamorous, but it was, in many ways, the best that life has to offer. Wasn't that how the old saying went? Who, on their deathbed, ever said they wished they had worked harder? Or spent less time enjoying a quiet afternoon? Or spent less time with their family?"
( True Believer by Nicholas Sparks )

This morning, as I wake up to 9 degrees and snow falling... on a sleepy Monday morning, I am thankful for my past weekend.  Thankful that we got to spend time with dear friends, got to relax, to wake up to a snow covered landscape, to sit and drink coffee in the warmth and comfort of our cozy home. I'm thankful for a husband who, yesterday, enjoyed laying on the couch, cuddling, watching movies and napping as much as I did! Thankful for friends who are as crazy as us, after relaxing all day as well, headed out to late night bowling with us... which even though I feel pretty darn sleepy this morning, it was so fun! Thanks Cartons ;)

Basically, I'm just thankful for life and thankful for those in my life who share my view of walking slow and enjoying the roses.  Thankful for an amazing husband to spend this oh so glamorous life with, walking together, holding hands, and talking quietly as the sun goes down...or comes up.

Have a great week everyone! Happy Monday! ♥


A new saving grace...

I'm pretty much a serial pinner.  I love pinterest because I can dream, read, expand my mind a little, stumble up on new quotes (an addiction of mine).  I could probably count the number of times I've actually put any of it into practice on one hand, recipes aside of course.  BUT, today... I had a challenge in front of me.  Let me back up a bit to last night, as my sweet wonderful husband was warming us up leftovers for dinner... leading to this morning as I open our microwave in HORROR!!! Lasagna... splattered... EVERYWHERE.

Time to put into practice something that I had seen on pinterest... GASP! See the pin here! The person who had pinned this had mentioned microwaving for 10 minutes, so I did...but be careful, it will be HOT!  The remanents of a once scrumptious lasagna wiped right off the walls, ceiling, door, and bottom of the microwave.  The turntable I ended up taking out and cleaning already, so not sure how effective it would have been on that.  I was amazed!!! These tips really work?! Apparently so ;)

So if you ever have a similar explosion or just a dirty microwave, give some vinegar and water a try!

Now that I have a clean microwave, its time to start preparing for friends to come over and watch the Broncos whoop up on  the Ravens! Happy Saturday, Everyone!


why i love my husband...

One of my favorite blogs I follow, Happy Wives Club, has started a "things I love about my husband" list, and asked other wives to "link up" ... what a great idea, huh?!
At first I thought, gosh, can I really put into writing things I love about my husband...but as I started I had a hard time limiting myself to just a few ♥

1) he loves God more than he loves me... And that's a lot.
2) he helps me to not take life or myself too seriously
3) when I'm struggling, he comforts me, but points me to the one true comforter
4) he does the dishes!!!
5) he's even weirder than I am. In fact, he might be the weirdest person I know.
6) he knows me better than I know myself... & I'm not just saying that.
7) he's my best friend.
8) he is such a hard worker... If they ask him to stay later at work he never hesitates. He does whatever it takes to provide for us and our future.
9) it's ok if our house is a mess, our pockets are empty, and we have frozen pizza for dinner. It's still romantic as long as we are together.
10) he is a lot better than I am at seeing the big picture.
11) he understands my need for space doesn't always mean physical space... "Go away!!... Wait, where are you going?!" ❤

Check out Happy Wives Club, and link up with us!!  We will all be adding to our lists often ♥

Praying for our Husbands ❤

Spoiler Alert: I'm about to be pretty honest and candid about a role I take pretty seriously as a wife!

I believe it is not only important but essential that we pray for one another in our marriages!! But, if you are like me I tend to pray for the same things for Rob... Safety, Favor, Wisdom, Health, for our marriage, and for God to order and guide his steps, leading him as the leader of our family. And if I'm being honest, the prayer doesn't vary a whole lot each day. Sure, based on circumstances and what's going on there are additions along with thanking God for blessing me with such a man!!!

I read so many blogs and ideas about praying for our husbands... Get inspired, stick with it for a few days, then real life seeps back in again. I also like the idea of scripture based prayers, declaring the promises God has made to us, reminding ourselves of the true nature of our loving Father. But, again, when I'm driving to work praying and not head first in to the scripture, I'm ashamed to say that doesn't just poor out of me. I know, I know, we are to hide scripture in our heart... But when I'm half asleep, groggily drinking my coffee, hesitantly driving to work, my hidden scriptures are pretty darn hidden!!!

All this to say and share an amazing prayer with you all that I stumbled upon this morning :

Lifting my Husband through Prayer
Lord I lift my husband to You today and pray according to your Word, that: *You give him strength to lead (Joshua 1:7); time to know his family (John 10:14); and a passion to manage his home (1st Timothy 3:4) *You bless his work and show him daily how to honor You in his attitude and spirit and confirm the work of his hands unto your purpose (Psalm 90:16-17; Daniel 6) *He will be a wise steward of our finances and all we possess, remembering that all things are Yours and entrusted to us for Your purposes (Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 16:10-13) *He will love You with all his heart, soul, mind and strength and hate evil (Mark 12:30; Psalm 97:10) *He will be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger (James 1:19) *You protect him physically, mentally, and spiritually (Psalm 28:7-9; Psalm 41; John 17:15; 2nd Thess 3:3) *You give him the desire to teach and model a Godly lifestyle for his children (Deuteronomy 6; Psalm 78:5-7) *You will instruct him and teach him in the way he should go (Psalm 32:8); give him peace in the circumstances and integrity in the decisions he must face today (1st Corinthians 14:33; Proverbs 11:3) *He would meditate day and night on Your Word, pray without ceasing (Psalm 1:1-3; Psalm 119:18; 1st Thess 5:17) and stay faithful to Christ to the end (Hebrews 12: 1-2) *He would develop strong relationships with other Godly men (Ephesians 4:24-25; Hebrews 10:24)

I encourage you to join me in praying this over your husband, whether it be daily or weekly.  Claim these scriptures for your spouse, as there is so much power in God's word, and the connection that is built by praying for one another is unparalleled.

*if you aren't a part of our facebook group, prayerful wives, and would like to be, please let me know.  As we support one another in our marriages with scripture, prayers, book suggestions, etc*


week in review...

We got back to Colorado this past week, just in time to say goodbye to our CA family... Mom & Dad Tisthammer and Grandma Nina.  We didn't get as much time with them as we would've liked (is any amount ever enough when we are 18hours apart?), but I feel like we got some good quality time in.  We both didn't have to be back at work until Wednesday, which was SO nice!
our sweet niece, Blakely Ann,
entertaining us as we wait for our turn to bowl. 
Wednesday came, and 'real life' started once again! Rob's schedule changed in the new year... HUGE answer to prayer.  He now works early mornings, allowing for us to have more time together and more time with our friends.  Thursday we celebrated a just-like-family member's birthday! Brian is our father in law- in- law ♥  We are so blessed to have him and Patty in our lives as family.  They always graciously include us in all family gatherings, filling us up with love an encouragement.  So we all headed out to the bowling alley for some good family fun, some yummy carrot cake, and well...bowling ♥
Friday evening we spent in with Matt and Leah, just hanging out and catching up, and of course playing pinochle!  The cards fell in favor of Rob and I, which is always fun... at least for us, HA! I was dealt the first triple pinochle of my life... in all the oh, 7 years since Robbie taught me to play at a Tisthammer family gathering.

Saturday rolled around, lending itself to relaxation, cleaning, and putting away Christmas decor.  Our house looks a little plain now...the magic of twinkle lights has now been put into storage until November.  My favorite Christmas mugs, however, remain among daily rotation bringing me Christmas cheer all year round. ♥
As we prepare for the week ahead, cinnamon rolls are in the oven and coffee is a brewin' as we get ready for a little Sunday breakfast together. And of course, more relaxation is scheduled for today as well as football and hang out time with family.  I have a semi-stressful week of work ahead of me, so I am attempting to fill my relaxation bank this weekend!

I leave you with a devotion on encouragement (http://www.proverbs31.org/devotions/god-waiting-2013-01/) I read this morning.  It was written by Wendy Blight, a speaker for the Proverbs 31 Ministry.  It encourages us to not get discouraged when we fall short of what we know God would like from us.  But we serve a God of grace, not a God of condemnation.  Take a second to read it, it will leave your heart full and encouraged.

"Dear Lord, help me not to neglect time Your Word. Create in me a hunger to carve out time to be with You. When I meet with You, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my heart to understand the wonderful treasures tucked away in Your Word. Thank You that You are waiting for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."  

Have a great week everyone!!! ♥


a legacy of love

When we were back in Missouri visiting my parents, I took the opportunity to grab some of my "treasures" that my parents had been so generously storing for me.  This was the first time we had been able to DRIVE 'home' in the past 9 years... when living in California, let's be real, I was flying back and forth.  Since we now live an easy 12 hours away, we decided to drive.
Let me preface this with the possibly unknown fact that I LOVE old things.... LOVE.  I am innately an old soul.  It brings me comfort being surrounded by things that have a history, that tell a story; it reminds me what we are truly here for.  That love increases when these things are my legacy!
I won't bore you with the list of everything, but among the treasured possessions I was able to bring back was my grandfather's cedar chest.  My Grandfather Stratton passed away about 7 years before I was born so any of his possessions are of extreme value to me.  It is my life line to 'knowing' him.  However, I do have to note that what he left behind for his family greatly surpasses any earthly possession.  He left a legacy of love, family, a love for fishing (& eating fish!), a heart for animals, and gave me one of the greatest men I will ever know in my life- my Daddy.  Grandfather Stratton definitely left behind something that will far surpass all of our lives.  I remain eternally grateful.
My family line is filled with many 'greats'.  I also introduced into our home a set of 'tea glasses' that were originally my my Great Grandma McClanahan's (she and Great Grandpa Mac are where my lovely Irish temper originates).  All I know of Grandma and Grandpa Mac are amazing heartwarming stories.  I have set aside two of these glasses to keep, the other two we will be using and will be a gentle reminder of my roots.  About 10-15 years ago, my Granny also gave me one of my Great Grandma Mac's aprons and her potato masher.  These items are beyond priceless.  I also have the pleasure of looking after a few of my Great Grandma Rice's possessions, my name sake, Lovie Ann.  All of these to some I'm sure seem like meaningless glasses and bowls, etc, but to me they are gifts that contain a lot of love and a whole lot of history.  I had such a great time looking through it all this morning and putting them all in a special place where I get to see them everyday! In example, as I use my vintage pyrex mixing bowls (replicas of the ones my Granny had), I will remember the sacrifices my Granny and Papaw made daily to provide food for my mom and her siblings, a continued legacy of love and hard work.
We keep all of our family members of years past in our hearts, I realize this, but these treasures representing my God given legacy are a daily reminder that I was loved long before I was born.  I pray that I can leave my grandchildren and great grandchildren such a legacy.  ♥


goodbye 2012, hello ♥2013♥

As I look back over 2012, I am filled with a lot of emotions! 2012 was filled with lots of change and adventure, loss and sadness, life and newness, & family and love.  We are excited for what 2013 has in store for us as a couple and as a family!

We started out 2012 pretty unsure as to what the year was going to hold for us.  But God brought us a new city, new friends, new jobs, a new church... well, new everything! 2012 also included a heart breaking loss for me as I lost the only grandfather I had ever known, one of the best and most supportive, loving men in my life.  A few months after my Papaw's passing, God brought incredible life into our lives with our precious niece, Blakely Ann.  2012 also included an abundance of family visiting, filling our home with love and laughter. We also celebrated year two of our marriage! It truly has been the best year of marriage yet, although year 3 sure is off to a fantabulous start, and just might top it! 

We finished up the year in style at Rob's company NYE party at the Crowne Plaza! We got all dressed up... little black dress, collared shirt and dress pants, and headed out to the top floor of the Crowne Plaza downtown... what a view!!! The evening was filled with dinner, drinks, dancing, and of course amazing prizes! Rob won a really nice set of pots and pans, which we actually needed! Around 11, we left and went over to Matt and Leah's to ring in the new year with them at their house ♥ Today is our last day off before heading back to work tomorrow.  I have a feeling it is going to be filled with unpacking, putting all of our new things away, and watching football. I haven't been to work since the 21st of December... it is going to be good to get back to work tomorrow; I love routine! Although, I have a feeling I'll need a bit more coffee than  the average day, ha! 
Happy 2013 every one!!!