what a bright time... to rock the night away

Have I mentioned I love December?  Basically the celebrating begins around my birthday week and doesn't stop til after the new year! I am blessed to share my birthday week with my adorable little nephew, Levi.  This year he turned the BIG 2 on the the 15th.  We woke up bright and early Saturday morning, well I did and I woke Rob up saying, lets go surprise Levi with chocolate milk and doughnuts!!! So off we went... as his little head peeked out the window, I showed him his surprise...the look on his face... oh goodness, I'll never forget! :)  We were quite fortunate to spend some quiet time playing and hanging out with the overjoyed, happy birthday boy ♥

Later that evening we were back celebrating our favorite 2year old! He had a "pretty" Christmas sweater party, with hot dogs and french fries (his favorite) and chili! So yummy!! After dinner we made crafts while waiting on "rob-rob" to arrive so he could open his presents! We had such a great time celebrating Levi!!! 

Eating Cake with Daddy!
Doing his craft with Momma & Daddy!
Showing off our "pretty" sweaters! ♥

The Fun Continues....

natural, bowled a strike!
Sunday evening, we headed out for some more "birthday week" celebrations! We had a "snack" at P.F. Changs and then took Levi bowling for the first time! What a blast!!! He was pretty stoked when he realized blowing was all about throwing a ball! About as soon as he was loosing interest in the whole bowling part... cosmic bowling started... on came the strobe lights and loud music and he was in heaven! He was a dancing machine!!

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