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By far my most valued relationship and friendship is my marriage.  We have been blessed with a once in a lifetime love.  I say this not out of boastfulness, but out of truth.  I truly believe everyone's love with their spouse is unique and their very own once in a lifetime love.  After all, you have chosen to spend eternity with your spouse.  How can that not be a spectacular, extraordinary, once in a lifetime love.  That commitment alone is a rarity these days.  So as I see our culture throwing marriage around lightly it saddens me that they will never know the true deep relationship that marriage is and can be.  Sure, some days it is the hardest thing I've ever done. Some days I wonder how people do this for 60 years. Some days I want to be left alone. But when compared to the days of wonderful... well, there is no comparison.  There is no comparison to someone knowing your soul, not the soul they speak of in movies, or greeting cards... the soul that is YOU. The you that God made you to be.  There is nothing like battling it out with your spouse and knowing you are both in this forever, that yes that second might not be fun, but you're in this. together. Because when it comes right down to it, the bad times pass just like the good ones do, and at the end of the day, they all seem like good times.  Marriage is the biggest risk you will take; completely giving your heart and soul to another, becoming ONE.  But, there is also no greater reward.
The purpose of this blog entry is to encourage you. Whether it be to cultivate the relationship you already have with your spouse, expanding on the gold foundation of an amazing marriage... friendship!! Or to pray over and cultivate the dating relationship you are in.  Have you asked God if this is the man or woman he has for you? Have you turned your relationship over to him?

I encourage you to push yourself.  Challenge yourself in your marriage! Here are a few blogs, written by amazing Christian wives, that I love!!! They challenge and encourage me daily! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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....& those are just to name a few! If you are dealing with a specific topic and need extra encouragement...please let me know.  I can almost guarantee you if we haven't gone through what you are going through personally, I know someone who has! Always here to help and always here to listen! We as wives need to pray for one another and be there for one another. After all, who else understands what we are going through...the highs and lows, besides each other ♥

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