...if only in our dreams. ♥

As we shipped out, our nephew, Alex's Christmas present this week, I couldn't help to have a sad yet proud heart.  As an Aunt (more like sister, I was 10 when Alex was born), I couldn't be more proud of him and the sacrifice he is making to serve our country, and can't help but feel a little safer knowing that he's one of the guys protecting our country.  But as our family gathers together in a few weeks, it won't be the same.  There will be a missing piece of our hearts. I am reminded that it isn't only the sacrifice of the soldiers, but their daily sacrifice and the sacrifice of their family.  We are one of thousands of families who's brother, son, nephew, and grandson won't make it home for Christmas.  So, I encourage you to send your soldiers some love this holiday; if you don't know one... send something anyway.  It is for freedom that our savior came to this earth as a baby; so it is for freedom that we celebrate the Christ child; it is for freedom that we will have an empty chair this Christmas.  So no matter what you may think of the 'season' our nation is in as a country, please remember not only your freedom because of Christ's sacrifice, but the freedom every family in this country sacrifice for. 

I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

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