...just like a couple of kids....

One of the many reasons Robbie and I are so compatible... we are kids at heart.  So, when I get a text at work yesterday saying, "do you care if I put the tree up?" ...my thought... heck no I don't care, but I'm comin' home for lunch! So after the typical, lugging the huge-bigger than me-pieces of tree up the stairs....


the fun began.... the fluffing, the sorting, the realizing the 10foot tree wasn't going to fit with the 8ft ceiling (duh), and my amazing husband figuring out how to adjust so that I could still have a ginormous tree in front of our ginormous window!...did I mention he's amazing?? 

Since I was on my lunch break, I had to scurry back to work high on Christmas spirit! As my day came to a close, this is what I saw as I pulled up to our house yesterday evening.....

 Quite simply, it took my breath away and all of a sudden I was 5 years old again!

We were holding off on the ornaments, just enjoying the lights...and then the ornament boxes slowly started finding their way upstairs...hmmm.  Again, we are kids at heart! None of this was suppose to take place until Thursday night, at the earliest! Rob grabbed his 2nd year reigning champion first ornament, Luke Skywalker of course... followed by Lilly's 2nd year reigning first ornament, her Medley look a like puppy-dog, followed by my Starbucks coffee cup ornament. All obvious reasons why they are our 1st choices ♥

 We have a lot more ornaments to hang on the tree... we'll see how long we can hold off, maybe after Thanksgiving?! So, I'm sure this won't be the last post of its kind.  Our final tree, decorated in all its glory will make its appearance soon! ♥

Until then, Lilly says, "Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!"

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