the perfect 10!

August 16th, we welcomed our little niece Blakely Ann into the world! Bright and early, well not so bright as it was still dark, around 4 am we got a text saying it was time! We hurried out the door to the hospital and walked into the delivery room just in time to hear Blakely's first cry! It was one of the most magical sounds I've ever heard!! She was perfection!! Miss Blakely Ann completes a perfect number... 10.  We now have TEN nieces and nephews! How blessed are we?! Welcome to the world little princess!!


Summertime in Colorado

Rob and I quickly found great jobs and were once again reminded of God's perfect provision in our lives. The summer season brought a season of family visiting from out of state. We really had the best summer! Both sets of our parents visited in July as well as my brother and his family! Our house and our hearts were full all summer long! We couldn't have felt more blessed!  We celebrated birthdays, our country's birthday, hiked pikes peak, visited the royal gorge, visited Garden of the Gods, met Abraham Lincoln... you know, just your normal summer...

Mom and Dad ♥
Happy Birthday Kathy!
Fourth of July
Matt and I with honest Abe

Panning for gold at the Royal Gorge.
Hiking Pikes Peak
Garden of the Gods
Getting ready to hike Pikes Peak
Kimmy and Levi!
Settlers...what else?