Our lil' Adventure to Colorado & Beyond

 We loaded up our moving truck the end of April! We honestly could not have asked for a smoother move! We threw all the animals in the back of our little suv (yes all of them, the 2 cats and Lilly), hooked the car up to the moving truck and headed out! How blessed we were to have Jack and Grandpa T along on this adventure! Rob and I ended up driving straight through, as we felt that was easier on the animals than stopping and unloading them and stressing them out more.  Let me just tell you, if you ever have to move across the country with animals, xanax is a must!  The drive was filled with lots of quality time together, great conversation, & a few delirious ones as well, haha.

Lilly is ready for Colorado!

 Jack and Grandpa T. were able to stay a few days to help us get settled in! We couldn't have been more happy and excited to have their help and to spend extra time with them!

Ripping out the cabinets to add our new microwave!

Lilly enjoying her new house!

There's always time for some cribbage!

Levi helping rob-rob & grandpa play cards! 

We were so sad to see them go! But, it was time to hit the ground running! It was time to start all the diy fix up projects as well as look for a jobs!  We thoroughly enjoyed our month of 'retirement' together working on the house! We still have a few projects up our sleeves and I will try to blog about them as they happen this time... instead of 6 months later, ha!

We also quickly saw a special bond form after moving to CO... the special bond between a boy and a dog. Lilly and Levi quickly became pretty inseparable. In fact, you rarely see one without the other when we are all together.

We hadn't been in Colorado too long when my Papaw Rice started declining health wise, and by memorial day weekend my precious Papaw had gone to be with our Lord!  It was a time of rejoicing and a time of heart ache.  My Papaw Rice was one of 'my people', you know, those people who you have in your life and when they are gone you know you will never be the same.  But that's ok, because we shouldn't be without them.  He was always, ALWAYS my support, always loving me and always pushing me to be the best version of myself.  I consider myself extremely blessed to have had such a grandpa!
My sweet Papaw and I when I was 4
 After my Papaw passing away, we had the opportunity to head up to the mountains to go camping over Memorial Day weekend.  It was just what this hurting heart needed! We were able to spend some time with family, playing games, shootin' guns, hiking, and just relaxing in God's beauty!

just a walk in the woods...