... our lasts in CA....

Well, this is it. The end of last week kicked off a week of "lasts" as our move date quickly approaches.  The 13th was my last day of work, the 14th was Rob's.  We keep joking that we are now "retired" ... one can only dream ☺  Sunday was another "last" as we said goodbye to so many friends who we consider family, and then we headed down to the dog beach with Lilly as we again, said goodbye to my beloved ocean and beach.

As we continue this week, spending some good quality time with friends and family, please keep us in your prayers as we pack up our moving truck on Friday and then head out to Colorado Springs on Saturday.  A couple months ago it seemed this week would NEVER get here... and here it is. We are so blessed to have Jack and Grandpa Jim helping us with the drive this weekend!  So it will be the two of us, a Dad, a Grandpa, a Dog, and 2 Cats... setting out on a much anticipated adventure!