This week we have dove head first into a gluten free diet!  Now, for those of you that know me well, know that I am quite fond of my bread and pasta!!! & that's an understatement! Bread and Pasta to me are better than chocolate and ice cream.  So many of you I know have been thinking this week... ummm, what the heck?! In fact, a few of you have asked pretty much that question ♥  I mean, come on, I'm the girl that has always made fun of the atkins trends and carb free dieting..... sigh....

A little over a week ago, we found out that celiac disease lies pretty darn close in Rob's gene pool.  It is a hereditary disease and he has been tested (we are waiting for the results).  In the mean time, we have decided to give the whole gluten free diet a go.  Rob has had pretty severe sinus issues for a few years now.  In the past year alone he has been on antibiotics and steroids for sinus infections every few months.  It has gotten to the point where it is obvious there is something more at fault then a little infection in his sinus.  We are hoping a gluten free diet will help out. There is a chance that if he does have celiac disease, that it could be causing the issue with his sinuses.  There is also a chance that he just has a sensitivity to wheat or flour (or allergy) also causing his issues.  Either way, we have embarked on this journey together!  We are quickly learning that gluten free doesn't mean that you can't enjoy an amazing meal or even have to give up your favorites!  Just look at the meal we had tonight! I was able to have PASTA (rice pasta of course, but really just as good).  I have quickly come to the realization that whether Rob has celiac disease or not, there is a good chance our children could have it, therefore, I need to learn how to cook and bake gluten free foods and supplement and make do where needed.  The meal we had tonight was so easy and really not out of the ordinary at all!  It was normal sausage, normal hamburger, normal spaghetti sauce (verified gluten free), rice pasta (yumm), and baked zucchini.  Who could ask for more ♥ I plan on experimenting and having fun trying out new healthy gluten free recipes! I will share my successful and I'm sure not so successful ventures with you all! Wish us luck...xoxo♥


  1. Looks really good. Sounds healthy. Excited for you. Love you both.


  2. I actually looks pretty good! I've had gluten free pasta before and it's tasty!!