I am having a lot of fun trying out a few new recipes that fit into our new gluten free life style! This past week I made some mini quiche for Rob.  The plan was that he would have them to take to work with him all week... wellllll.... I think we ate half the pan after they came out of the oven! They were delish!
 The prep took more time than anything, just chopping up all the ingredients we wanted in the quiche.  We decided on broccoli, ham, bacon, and of course cheese!

After devouring a few, I decided we should stop and take a picture since they did turn out pretty darn cute!!! I totally expected them to be in more of a muffin shape (since I baked them in a muffin stone).  Instead, we got these adorable little quiche!

1 cup Milk
5 Eggs
1/2-1cup Cheese of your choice (we used cheddar)
and then the ingredients of your choice... think omelet!

Beat eggs well with a whisk, add other ingredients.  Poor equally into greased muffin tins (I used the pampered chef stonewear muffin pan).  Bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes.  And YUM!

Today I tried out a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe that I found on Pinterest! See it here!

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous about this one!  But they are actually really good!  They are a little more crumbly than the normal pb cookie, but after they cool they are perfect!  I'm excited for Rob to get home from work and try one! :)

I'm finding that I am leaning more toward the recipes that are more "normal", meaning they don't take any of the special flours or ingredients... they just find ways of maneuvering around using flour and wheat based ingredients. 


This week we have dove head first into a gluten free diet!  Now, for those of you that know me well, know that I am quite fond of my bread and pasta!!! & that's an understatement! Bread and Pasta to me are better than chocolate and ice cream.  So many of you I know have been thinking this week... ummm, what the heck?! In fact, a few of you have asked pretty much that question ♥  I mean, come on, I'm the girl that has always made fun of the atkins trends and carb free dieting..... sigh....

A little over a week ago, we found out that celiac disease lies pretty darn close in Rob's gene pool.  It is a hereditary disease and he has been tested (we are waiting for the results).  In the mean time, we have decided to give the whole gluten free diet a go.  Rob has had pretty severe sinus issues for a few years now.  In the past year alone he has been on antibiotics and steroids for sinus infections every few months.  It has gotten to the point where it is obvious there is something more at fault then a little infection in his sinus.  We are hoping a gluten free diet will help out. There is a chance that if he does have celiac disease, that it could be causing the issue with his sinuses.  There is also a chance that he just has a sensitivity to wheat or flour (or allergy) also causing his issues.  Either way, we have embarked on this journey together!  We are quickly learning that gluten free doesn't mean that you can't enjoy an amazing meal or even have to give up your favorites!  Just look at the meal we had tonight! I was able to have PASTA (rice pasta of course, but really just as good).  I have quickly come to the realization that whether Rob has celiac disease or not, there is a good chance our children could have it, therefore, I need to learn how to cook and bake gluten free foods and supplement and make do where needed.  The meal we had tonight was so easy and really not out of the ordinary at all!  It was normal sausage, normal hamburger, normal spaghetti sauce (verified gluten free), rice pasta (yumm), and baked zucchini.  Who could ask for more ♥ I plan on experimenting and having fun trying out new healthy gluten free recipes! I will share my successful and I'm sure not so successful ventures with you all! Wish us luck...xoxo♥


Our first official blog entry!!! Sigh... yep, I gave in to 'blogging'.  We have a few adventures coming our way and this is how I am going to (attempt) to keep up with it all!  So here goes!  I will keep it closed to invite only, considering there are a lot of things going on that a) we don't want the whole world knowing yet (i.e. moving out of state) and b) i hate the idea of all our life (as uneventful and oh so interesting as it may be) being on the web for anyone to find and read.

We are preparing for a new adventure, and I'm hoping all of you that will be reading this know but possibly not. We are so excited to join Matt, Leah, & Levi in Colorado Springs, CO soon.  We have been anxiously waiting on direction from God, preparing, and SAVING since September of 2010.  God layed it on our hearts to relocated to CO around the time of our last visit in February of 2010.  We have been to visit Colorado Springs a handful of times and each time we have hated leaving.  We see it as an amazing place to spend our lives and raise our families.  God is so evidently working in the city of Colorado Springs! And of course,  we truly love spending time with our family and extended family (the Harrison clan), but also we seem to always feel this sense of realness, and genuine sincerity whenever we are there.  Definitely an environment we desire to raise our family in.  Robbie has practically lived in OC his whole life and I have been here for almost 8 years.  Two-thirds of our Grandparents are here. Jack and Kathy are here. Our friends and amazingly supportive church family are here. We have stable, good jobs here. So is it a little scary picking up and moving?... YOU BETCHYA!!! But, we definitely feel God directing our path as we have handed this over to HIM, and there is tremendous peace with that.  We are excited to begin this new chapter! We have a lot ahead of us...We would appreciate your prayers we learn more about trusting God through this season.  ♥